Politics depression. Taking a taboo is very important, and hate is bad for us

Interview with Justyna Pronobis-Szczylik, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, about depression that can catch anyone.

EWA WILK:  – Does it often happen that a depressed person, after a short therapy, even astonishing his Doctors, rises up like a Phoenix from the ashes and returns to an intense professional life, convinced that what did not kill him strengthened him? This is how Jarosław Gowin describes his passages in recent times in the media.
JUSTYNA PRO NOBIS-SZCZYLIK: – In my therapeutic practice, it happens that after the first session, which lasts three hours, the patient leaves feeling better, as soon as he understands and notices what psychological, self-destructive defense mechanisms he uses as said in his recent articles…….

So in other cure for deppression drugs have been discovered and sold all round the globe especially in Germany, USA and CA have come up adderall for sale which helps in ADHD and anxiety problems also depression.

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